Guess what!
I actually put up a webcomic!

Go read it!
For the intellectually challenged..
That means click on "Comical Genius"

Much love!
In case you guys are wondering..
No I did not die!
Sorry to disappoint you..

In fact I have been doing sweet fuck-all since I last updated my neglected love-child that is my blog..
So as well as putting up some lousy art..
I will give you..
A webcomic!!
The pure joy I get from reading this thing is just unexplainable..
I think it's love..

Witty dialogue, great characters, the perfect blend of childish humour and heart-warming sleaziness and great art work make this webcomic definitely one of my favourites..
Watching the art and story progress over the past 7 years of it's existence is really quite amazing..
Ryan and Lar have created quite a master piece..
That being said..

Also.. Kinda NSFW
So read it when your boss isn't watching ;)

Hey all!
I'm back from uni holidays, in which I had a great time of doing diddly squat.

I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while..
So here!
Have a webcomic.
It's random as all hell..
So enjoy.
Now pay attention.

This weeks/fortnights/possiblymonths web comic is pure hilarity genius.
Random as all hell, with lots of swear words, violence, sexual innuendos and really really weird ways to die..
Seriously, death by viagra. (when you see it you'll understand, and quite possibly die of laughter.)

Be sure to read it right from the beginning for it to make as much sense as possible.
Definitely NSFW or NSFK(Not Safe For Kids).
So don't show this to your boss or read it to you kids for a bedtime story. 
Because you definitely won't get a promotion out of it, but you definitely will get some confused children asking a lot of awkward questions.

Peace :D
Okay so I'm going to use this website as a piece of assessment for university..
So I'd better update it with what I've been doing lately..
Starting with my latest photography assignment.
Some good stuff there.. Also some lousy stuff too.

More "art" and other thingamibobs to be coming soon!

I have to post something or my site will start losing popularity..

So I'm going to start a regular post inspired by my terrible addiction to web-comics.

Here's your first one!
This is pretty much the best fun you will have with a comic.. Without its main character..
If you thought Jon was going insane with Garfield, you should see him without the fat cat..

Look! I can do HTML coding!

peace :]
Right! Yes.. the blog.. I hadn't forgotten about it..

Okay let's see:

Home page - Check.
Blog - Check.
Photography - Check.
Pathetic Excuse for Art - Check.

Looks like I'm all set for awesomeness!

I guess this counts as the official launch of my website!!

Enjoy mortals!!

    The Team..

    Yeah so it looks nothing like me. So what?
    I'll post a more realistic one soon. Promise

    My best friend, Ninja-master and Super-douche extraordinaire..
    He doesn't actually contribute to this.. He just wanted to be on my website..
    And yes.. He does actually look like that.


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