'Tis the season..

Yay!! I'm on a roll!
As you can see.. I'm still experimenting with adding elements to the strip..
But dont expect that will me every one will be like this..
Guaranteed they are just going to be boring conversations after a little bit..
Also.. Comicfury is down argghh! I'm so angryy..
It probably means I wont be able to upload there for a week..

And another!


This is just me experimenting with sticking extra elements in th comics..


Okay.. So cut me some slack..
This is my first attempt at this.. 
And I think it went rather well if you ask me..
I'm still tossing up between putting in mouths and other details.. I'll work on it..

Anyway.. This whole thing is pretty much just going to just be Josh and I..
So we'll see how it goes..

Now that I've put this up.. I can already see stacks wrong with it..
For example: Why am I taller than Josh?
Hmm.. I'll get right on that..

PS. I'll work out how to do a comments section later!
     And maybe a more navigable page..