My train of thought.. (Haha! See what I did there?)

Okay so I was on the train today and we were stuck at a station for like 20 minutes (woe betide me for deciding to catch the service that got all the school kids)..
So naturally I got mega-bored so I started drawing stuff that I saw..
And it's not much but here it is..


This is the crazy old lady that kept giving origami cranes to everyone that walked past her...
No joke.. She was bat-shit insane..
Scary stuff.. 
If your grandmother turns out like this.. 
Invest in some form of self-defense weapon..
Nun-chucks, sai blades, shurikens, and massive battle-axes should do the trick..


Some emo kid who walked past me..
His hair was so emo that his face was 100% concealed..
I'm still confused as to how he could see..
So dear emo kid.. Thanks for letting me draw your hair with a style I've been desperate to try out..
Also call me and tell me how you can navigate a train full of preteens, babies, old people and prams with what appears to be an impenetrable curtain of keratin covering your peepers..

(Wooh look at me I used the word emo 3 times in a paragraph! Go my adjective skills..)


Last but not least.. 
Two guys that were so hardcore I couldn't even look at them for fear of my eyes burning out of my skull in adoration of their hardcoreness..
Kidding!! I just couldn't keep a straight face whenever I looked their way..
I had my earphones in so I was trying to lip read their conversations..
I swear they all went like this..
"Dude I did this and this the other day"
"Dude that's so hardcore!"  *High five*

And yes.. That is spaghetti sauce.

Sweet mother of F*@$%!!!
Surprise art!

After like 3 months of being completely unable to scan stuff because I'm bloody lazy, I have finally got more art to upload!
Not much.. But it's something right?

And what better way to start things off with the great white ninja?!?!
Josh will love me for this.

I've been experimenting a lot with different drawing techniques lately..
And amidst drawing a small robot army I churned out this little gem.
I don't know what the fuck he is.. But I love him.

And I shall call him Steve.
Or French Vanilla Cheesecake.

                                    I'm yet to decide.

Once again.. Experimentation.
I tried drawing a realistic mouthful of teeth.
And well I didn't really know where I was going with it..
And it became this.
And I didn't even get the jaw proportions right.
Oh well.. 
At least he will have an adorable underbite.


So I borrowed a Wacom pad and pen from uni for my current photography assignment.
And I have to say I have never come across a more brilliant invention. Ever. In all time.
So I took the opportunity to experiment (some more) with some of my drawings.
And the super cute dinosaur I drew became an even more cuter COLOURED IN dinosaur.

                                              I like this little guy.

First lot of art uploaded!

So I've gotten to the point that I'm comfortable uploading some of my "artwork" onto the site..

This picture pretty much sums up how you are going to respond to this stuff..


Godzilla.. Eat your heart out..

This speaks for itself..

I thank University for boring me enough to inspire me enough to draw this crap..

Sue me..
This is the internet..

The only drawing that I'm half proud of and its not even finished..
That's because I tend to screw things up when I get to the finer details..

I can do HTML coding!
How amazing!